Currently, BNB has supported three chains, Binance Chain (BEP2 BNB), Binance Smart Chain (BEP20 BNB) and Ethereum (ERC20 BNB). And please note that Kucoin now only support deposit and withdrawal service for BEP2 BNB and BEP20 BNB, please do not deposit ERC20 BNB to KuCoin, otherwise, your deposit will not be credited.


BEP2 BNB: Please note that it is required to enter the correct deposit address and memo when you deposit BEP2 BNB to KuCoin. 

Note: If you enter the wrong deposit address, the wrong memo or forget to enter the memo when deposit, then your deposit will not be credited.




BEP20 BNB: It's issued based on Binance Smart Chain, and its deposit address is different from BEP2 BNB's deposit address on KuCoin.



ERC20 BNB: It's issued based on Ethereum, and we do not support ERC20 BNB now, please do not deposit your ERC20 BNB to KuCoin.



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