BTC Based on Different Chains or Format

KuCoin has already supported the BTC deposit addresses of two chains, the BTC chain, and the TRC20 chain: 

TRC20: The address starts with "T", the deposit and withdrawal of this address only support the TRC20 chain, and can't withdraw to the address of the BTC chain.

BTC: KuCoin supports BTC-Segwit from(starts with "bc") and BTC form( starts with "3")deposit addresses, and the withdrawal function supports withdrawals to three formats.

  • BTC-SegWit: The address starts with "bc". One of the main features of this format is that it is case-insensitive (the address only contains 0-9, az), so it can effectively avoid confusion and make it easier to read.
  • BTC: The address starts with "3", it supports more complex functions than the Legacy address, in order to be compatible with the old version.
  • Legacy: The address starts with "1", which is the original address format of Bitcoin and is still in use today. KuCoin does not support this format of the deposit address.

How to get the different BTC deposit addresses?

Please choose a different chain or format to get the BTC deposit address. Please ensure the choose the correct chain or format.



How to withdraw BTC based on different chains or formats?

Please input the withdrawal address. The system will identify the public chain automatically.



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