What is withdraw: Withdraw, which means transfer tokens from KuCoin to other platforms, as the sending side--this transaction is a withdraw from KuCoin while it is a deposit for the receiving platform. For example, you can withdrawal BTC from KuCoin to other BTC wallets on other platforms, but you can't transfer money to other platforms from KuCoin directly.

Holding account: We now support withdraw funds from Main/Futures(Just for several tokens for now) account directly( Click here to know each account's function), so please make sure to hold your funds in the Main/Futures account, you need to transfer funds to the Main account via transfer function if you're currently holding funds in other KuCoin accounts. You can click here to enter the KuCoin withdrawal page.

Get your account settings prepared: To make a withdraw, you need to enable "Phone Number+Trading Password" or "Email+Google 2fa+Trading Password", all can be set/reset from the account security settings page.

Making a Withdrawal


Step 1:

Web:  Log in to your KuCoin account, then click - "Assets" - "Main Account(Deposit&Withdraw)" - "Withdraw" to enter the withdrawal page. You may type the token name in the search box, or scroll down and click on the token you want to withdraw. 

App: Log in to your KuCoin account, then click "Assets" - "Withdraw" to enter the withdrawal page.

5.png Withdraw_page.png

Step 2:

Once you have selected the correct token, you will need to add the wallet address (composed of remark name and address) and amount. The Remark is optional. Then click "Confirm" to carry out the withdrawal. 


 * Kindly reminder:

1. For tokens such as USDT that support different public chains, the system will identify the public chain automatically according to the address input.

2. If the balance is insufficient when conducting a withdrawal, it's likely that your assets are stored in the trading account. Please transfer the assets to the main account first.

3. If the address shows that "Contain invalid or sensitive information" or is incorrect, please double-check the withdrawal address or contact online support for further check. For some tokens, we just support transfer them via a specific mainnet chain instead of ERC20 or BEP20 chain, such as DOCK, XMR, etc. Please do not transfer tokens via unsupported chains or addresses.

4. You can check the min withdrawal amount as well as the withdrawal fee on the withdrawal page.

Step 3: 

Input your trading password> E-mail verification code> Google 2FA code or SMS verification code to complete all the withdrawal steps.


* If you meet problems in verifying the trading password, email code or Google 2FA/SMS code, please refer to the following links for further help:

Trading Password issue

E-mail code or SMS code issue

Google 2FA issue



1. We will process your withdrawal within 30 minutes. To enhance the security of your assets, if your withdrawal amount is larger than a certain amount (Over 100,000 times of the handling fee), we have to manually process your request. It depends on the blockchain when the assets will finally be transferred to your receiving wallet.
2. Please double check your withdrawal address and token type. If the withdrawal succeeds at KuCoin, it is no longer able to be canceled.
3. Different tokens charge different withdrawal fees. You can check the fee amount on the withdrawal page by searching that token after logging in. 
4. KuCoin is a digital currency trading platform, and we don't support fiat money withdrawal and trading. If you have any question, please contact the online support for further help.


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