How to Unbind Google 2FA?

Dear user, if you lost Google 2FA and cannot log in to your account, please follow the following steps to enter your account without the assistance of customer service, you can easily solve the problem!


1. If you have set and remember your trading password, you can self-unbind Google 2FA.

Please click “Google 2FA unavailable?” and follow the steps below.


When you are doing identity verification, please make sure that you upload a photograph with your identity documents and a note marked with today's 'Dynamic code', 'Today's Date' and 'Signature' hold by hand so that your application of self-unbind Google 2FA can pass.




2. If you have neither saved the secret key nor remember the trading password, please submit a request



3. If you have saved the secret key, you can use the key to rebind Google 2FA.

You may follow the following instructions:


Then enter the 6-digit verification code into the input box. You can now log in to KuCoin safely.

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