How to Convert Small Balances to KCS

In order to provide better services to users, KuCoin has launched the [Convert to KCS] function. Users can convert the small balances in their accounts into KCS. The process is as follows:

1. Visit the Assets--Overview.


2. Visit Trading Account--Convert to KCS.
1) Users can exchange small balances with an equivalent value of less than 5 USDT;
2) Convert to KCS (n): The number in brackets represents the number of currencies that can be converted;

3)Users are only process exchanging 1 time within 24 hours;


3. Choose the coins you want to convert, and click the "Convert to KCS" button to convert;

Note: Checking the leftmost box of the coin means that only this coin is converted to KCS; Checking the leftmost box of the first row means that all small balances are converted to KCS;


4. Confirm the number of coins to be converted, as well as the expected number of convert KCS and the expected deduction of KCS convert fee, click the "Confirm" button to exchange successfully;


5. And, please click "Convert to KCS" again to enter the window, and click the "Convert History" to check the history:Convert_History.png

6. Click "Check Details" in the operation column to view the detailed convert information of this history;




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