As a professional exchange, KuCoin is the choice for five million global users. To register and get started on KuCoin successfully, please read through the article to know more.

Security Settings
Buy crypto
Start to Trade


Ⅰ. Register

You could register with your email address. Please click the "Sign up" button on the upper right corner and start your registration. It takes only 2~3 minutes to have a KuCoin account!


For detailed guidance, please refer to How to register an account

There is another problem you might meet during the signing up, click the link to get the solution.

 ▶ Can't get the email code?

Ⅱ. Security Settings

To protect your account and assets, it is highly recommended to finish the security settings. Please click Account Security in the drop-down menu in the avatar after logging in.


Then you will find the numbers corresponding to the security settings as shown below. It takes only up to 5 minutes to complete the settings!


1. Bind Google Verification or your phone number

You may choose the one you prefer if you are on the Supported Country List of the phone numbers. Otherwise, it is necessary to bind the Google 2-Step Verification for your account's safety.

2. Set a trading password

The trading password consists of numbers only and it is used for verification in trading, withdrawal, API creation, etc. Please ensure the strength of the trading password and keep it for your records.

Set up now.

3. Anti-phishing Safety Phrase

Set an email safety phrase and a login safety phrase as your safety phrases to make a difference between official website/emails and phishing ones.

Ⅲ. Buy crypto

Congratulations! You have completed the basic settings of your account if you reach this step. Now you can deposit cryptos into your account to start tradings if you own cryptocurrencies in other exchanges or wallets. If not, you can buy some by credit card.

How to deposit?

How to buy crypto by credit card?

Ⅳ. Start to Trade

Spot, Margin, Instant Exchange and Futures are launched on KuCoin and multiple order types for all kinds of risk appetite are provided!


Click here to check the trading fee. 

Click the link to know more about these types and find the one you like! 

Spot Trading - Trading among cryptocurrencies

Margin Trading - For Newbies: KuCoin Margin Trading Tutorial

Futures Trading - Beginner's Guide of KuCoin Futures

During using KuCoin, you may read articles in the Help Center that are ready to resolve your problem. Please also don't hesitate to chat with us online on the bottom right corner at any time when you meet troubles. 

Have a good journey in KuCoin!

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