In order to meet your demands and facilitate your account management, you can now create sub-accounts under your master account. Each master account is allowed to create up to 100 sub-accounts.


Part 1. How to Create a Sub-Account

Part 2. Functions of Sub-Account

Part 3. The Relationship Between Master Account and Sub-Account


Part 1. How to Create a Sub-account

You can set up sub-accounts in Account Overview>>Sub-Account on KuCoin's official website, set the name, login password, and remark. (Note: The remark is optional, and the sub-account name cannot be repeated. The sub-account name cannot be modified after it is created.)





Part 2. Functions of Sub-Account

1. Users can log in via web.

After creating the sub-account successfully, you can log in with the sub-accounts name, phone number and email. (Note: The sub-accounts feature will soon be deployed on the KuCoin App.)


2. Funds can be transferred in the sub-accounts.

Log in to the corresponding sub-accounts, view the asset overview, then click the "Transfer" button to transfer. It supports 4*4 account transfer, includes main account, trading account, margin account, and futures account.


3. The sub-accounts can be bound to phone and email.

The sub-accounts can be bound to phone and email (separate from the master account's phone and email). 


4. Security Settings

For the security of your sub-accounts, you can log in to the corresponding sub-accounts to conduct security settings (including setting and modifying the trading password/binding and modifying the Google 2FA/modifying the login password, etc.).


5. Create API

Sub-accounts can create Spot/Margin API and Futures API at the same time, and each sub-account can have up to 10 APIs.

First, you need to log in to the master account, enter the Sub-Account page. Please click the "View" button to enter the API page of the corresponding sub-account, click "Create API", set the API name and API passphrase, and then complete the security verification (note: The API passphrase will be used to verify the API allocation, please record or back up the passphrase on paper or mobile terminal.). At the same time, you can directly modify or delete the API in the corresponding sub-accounts.


6. Users can trade in the Spot, Margin, and KuCoin Futures markets through sub-accounts.

The sub-Accounts support Spot/Margin/Futures markets and you can conduct Spot/Margin/Futures markets and fund management in different sub-accounts. At the same time, when you trade in Futures, please be aware that we currently support users to open both long and short contracts. You can use two sub-accounts to open positions separately, like two different accounts.

7. The sub-accounts do not have the right to withdraw funds.

The sub-accounts do not have the right to withdraw funds. The master account can transfer the funds to sub-accounts and can also withdraw the sub-accounts funds.

8. The sub-accounts are not allowed to participate in various platform activities such as Pool-X, Spotlight, airdrops, etc.


Part 3. The Relationship Between Master Account and Sub-Account

1. The KYC authentication information of the sub-accounts and the master account (the sub-accounts do not require KYC).

2. The transaction fee levels are the same, and the volume and trading fee of the sub-accounts will be accumulated to the master account.

3. The master account controls the security settings of sub-accounts (including freeze/unfreeze, reset login/trading password, and Google 2FA).


4. The master account controls the creation of sub-accounts, assets transfer.




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