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Joining KuCoin, only 6 KCS holding and one click

You will be one of the valuable customers

To share KuCoin's 50% of daily trading fee-earning!

▶ Daily Distribution ◀

▶ Low entry to participate ◀

▶ Considerable profits ◀

Set in stone!

KCS Bonus program is your payback highlight

For choosing KuCoin!



Snapshot at 00:00 (UTC+8)

Distributed at 02:00 (UTC+8)

Account Unrestricted!

Holding your KCS in Main / Trading / Margin Account

on Pool-X (unstaked/unlocked/tradable) will also be counted

You will receive the KCS bonus every day


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Q1: How is the KuCoin bonus calculated?

For example:

Daily revenue 100 BTC→Total bonus 50 BTC→

Bob holds 10000 KCS→His bonus will be→

50*(10000/100000000) = 0.005 BTC=14.85KCS

Current: KCS/BTC 0.00033658 BTC


Q2: Why didn't I get the KuCoin bonus?

Users need to hold at least 6 KCS

Accounts are required to bind Google verification or Phone number


Q3: Where can I see my bonus?

Web: Assets Overview - My Bonus

APP: Home - KCS Bonus


How do I claim the KCS bonus if my KCS order is running in the trading bot?

The bonus will be automatically claimed in the trading bot at 8:00 (UTC+8) each day

And the bonus will be automatically added to the profit

(Note: that amount will not be calculated into the principal)

After you close the trading bot, the bonus will be transferred into your account


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English    Russian    Vietnamese    Turkish

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