A stop-limit/stop-market order is a conditional order which will be triggered when the market reaches a pre-specified stop price, and a limit/market order will be sent afterward.

Users need to set Trigger Type, Stop Price, Order Type, and Price when making a stop order.
Trigger Type: Including the last price, market price and index price. Users can set a type as needed. 
Stop Price: The price that the order will be triggered.
Order Type: Including limit and market. Users can set a limit order or a market order as needed.
Price: Refers to the price of the limit order, and the market order cannot specify the order price.

Kindly Reminder:
1. When you place a stop order, no funds will be frozen for margin usage. But once the order is triggered, the system will freeze the corresponding funds as margin based on the order quantity and the minimum amount of funds needed to open a position. If your available balance is insufficient to pay the position margin when the conditional order is triggered, this stop order will be canceled by the system;
2. After the stop-limit order is triggered, the order will be placed at the price set by the user. Stop limit order cannot guarantee a deal, and it depends entirely on the current market conditions.

Operation methods in Web and APP version:
E.g. Bob holds 10 lots for a long position (opening leverage 5x). How to set a stop-limit order so that when the latest price reaches 6800, a limit order is placed at 6800?
Set "leverage 5x", "Stop", Trigger Type "Latest Price", Stop Price "6800", Order Type "Limit", Quantity Lot(s) "10", Price "6800". And click "Sell/Short".

Web Version:


APP Version:



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Users with IP addresses in restricted countries and regions cannot open Futures trading;

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