1. What is the KuCoin Affiliate Program?

Whenever a new user is successfully recommended to register at KuCoin, the inviter can earn a commission when the invitee trades in the KuCoin Spot or Futures market. Please refer to the KuCoin Affiliate Program for the specific rules. 

2. Who can participate in the KuCoin Affiliate Program?

Publishers and creators from verified websites, trading software, bloggers, online KOLs, and users with a vast trading network can sign up for the KuCoin Affiliate Program. 

3. How to participate in the KuCoin Affiliate Program?

Apply through the website, or email us at affiliate@kucoin.com with a brief self-introduction for the registration.

4. How to get my referral link?

App version: On your KuCoin App homepage, tap ‘Affiliate’, then get the affiliate invitation link on the affiliate invitation management interface.

In order to facilitate your attention to the rebate dynamics, you can add "Affiliate" as the homepage entry button in the "More" shortcut entry bar.

Web-version: Go to the KuCoin website homepage, on the menu bar, click ‘Finance’ >> ‘Affiliate’, then get the affiliate invitation link on the affiliate invitation management interface. 

5. How do I earn through this program? Do you have any product suggestions?

You can promote KuCoin products through video production, community promotion, article creation, etc. Recommend your friends or fans to register and trade through your exclusive link to earn commissions. The KuCoin Trading Bot, P2P lending, Pool-X earning, etc., are all featured products of KuCoin.

Should you require any assistance? Please email us via our dedicated email affiliate@kucoin.com, and we will further assist you.

6. How to check my commission and invitees? Can I allocate the commission percentages to my invitees?

After successfully signing up for our affiliate program, you can log into our referral system to view your invitees and commissions. Meanwhile, you can view the commission and invitation details and also customize the invitation link.

7. How is the commission settled?

Commissions are settled in USDT and will be distributed every Wednesday of the calendar week for the previous calendar week (UTC+8).

8. What are the newbie benefits?

We provide new users with a gift package with a value of up to 500 USDT, which you can check in the task center.

9. What is the difference between referral commission and cashback?

You can customize the commission and cashback ratios through the referral code. After the invitee completes the transaction, the inviter will receive the referral commission, and the invitee will receive the cashback.

10. How to create, set up, and manage my KuCoin "cashback", referral link, and operation panel?

      a. Log into your KuCoin account on https://www.kucoin.com, and go to“Affiliate” under the menu bar at the top of the page.

      b. Set up the friend's commission cashback rate. The default commission rate is 40%, and the inviter can choose to share the 0%-20% commission with the invitees. After that, the inviter can click [Invite Now] to invite friends to register on KuCoin and complete the transaction through the recommended link corresponding to the recommender ID.

      c.  After the invitee successfully registered on KuCoin and starts trading, the referral commission (including commission directly obtained by the inviter and shared with the invitees) will be calculated according to the calendar week (UTC+8). The commission will be settled every Wednesday (UTC+8) for the previous calendar week. Please check the commission in your KuCoin Main account on Wednesdays.

11. Before participating in this Affiliate program, I have invited some friends. Can I get their commission for this part of the invitees?

The KuCoin Affiliate Program is a new project. Only those channels that meet the requirements can join. Only after you apply and pass the review will your historical invitation relationship be retained, and you will receive commissions after becoming an Affiliate. More referral products will be launched soon, and a reward program for historical invitations of non-affiliated users will also be launched, so stay tuned.

12. How long can the invitation relationship between me and my direct invitees and sub-partners last? Can I get invitation rewards during this period?

The invitation relationship between you and the direct invitee and sub-partners is permanently reserved, but your invitation reward will depend on the specific reward rules. Click here to view the Affiliate rules

13. I have applied for "Becoming an Affiliate", when can I receive the application result?

We will check your application within 24 hours, and the result of the application will be emailed to you within 7 working days;

14. Where can I check the received commission?

Please check your commission rewards in your KuCoin Main account (the token type is Referral Bonus). The rewards arrival notification function will be online soon, so please stay tuned.

15. How to get a 5% sub-Affiliate commission?

Once your invitee also becomes a KuCoin affiliate (we will use the term ‘sub-affiliate' in this blog post), you will receive a 5% extra trading fee commission contributed by the sub-affiliate.
(For example, A is a KuCoin Affiliate. If A invites B to become an affiliate, B invites C to become a trading client, then A is the main affiliate, and B is a sub-affiliate. A can get a 5% commission from C’s trading while B receives a 40% or 45% commission from C’s trading depending on B’s affiliate level.)



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