According to the Pool-X Whitepaper, the total distribution of POL is 1 billion, which is composed of LockDrop (2%), Staking (78%) and the budget system (20%).

By participating in the POL LockDrop activity, all users are able to obtain a reserved share of POL by locking up TRC20-USDT on KuCoin.

After the POL/USDT pair gets listed on KuCoin, 20% of the reserved POL will be made available for users. The remaining 80% of the reserved POL can be acquired by users by participating in the business of the Pool-X platform. Also, users can accelerate the release process of reserved POL shares by inviting new users to stake on Pool-X or by participating in Net Buying. For more details, please refer to the announcement of POL LockDrop.

Allocation Rule of Reserved POL (For LockDrop Activity Only) 

Allocation per round: There are a total of 6 rounds of LockDrop activities taking place over 3 weeks, opening on Tuesday and Thursday of each week. Every round, users are given 24 hours to deposit TRC20-USDT.

Users shall obtain the rewards, which may ultimately increase the allocation rate of reserved POL by the lock-up amount of TRC20-USDT. The rewards ratio will be decreased progressively from 30% to 0% by the end of the 6th round.

Round Hard Cap per Round
(Unit: TRC20-USDT)
Allocation Rate Rewards Ratio Actual Allocation Rate
1 300,000 7.69% 30% 10.00%
2 400,000 11.11% 20% 13.33%
3 500,000 14.50% 15% 16.67%
4 500,000 15.15% 10% 16.67%
5 600,000 19.05% 5% 20.00%
6 700,000 23.33% 0% 23.33%

 Lock-up Period and Reward Coefficient:

The lockup period is set respectively for 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks, and 4 weeks. Based on the lockup period, the rewards coefficient will vary correspondingly: x0.4, x1, x1.8, and x2.8

POL allocation for an individual = The individual’s lockup index/ Total user’s lockup index * Total POL allocated in the corresponding round

Lockup index = TRC20-USDT locked amount * rewards coefficient of the lock-up period(x0.4, x1, x1.8, x2.8) 


The user deposits 2,000 TRC20-USDT and selects a 4-week lock-up period in the 1st round of the LockDrop. If the total lock-up amount is 300,000 TRC20-USDT, suppose that there are 100,000 TRC20-USDT in the 1-week lock-up period, 50,000 TRC20-USDT in the 2-week lock-up period, 50,000 TRC20-USDT in the 3-week lock-up period and 100,000 TRC20-USDT in the 4-week lock-up period.

Therefore, the total users’ lockup index:


Individual lockup index: =2,000 *2.8=5,600

POL allocation for the user: (5,600/460,000)*(1,000,000,000*2%*10.00%)=24347.825 POL

Distribution and Acceleration Rules of Reserved POL (For LockDrop Activity Only)

As of the initial listing day (the day when POL/USDT is listed on KuCoin), users will directly receive 20% of reserved POL from the LockDrop allocation, with the remaining 80% being issued at a rate positively correlated to the users’ participation in staking mining on Pool-X (, which can be accelerated by inviting referrals to participate and net buying. Details are as follows:


1. Mining Vesting

Users are able to enjoy a LockDrop distribution equalling 50% of the actual POL allocation by participating in staking mining. 

2. Referral Acceleration

By inviting new users who participate in the staking of any tokens and contribute an Adjusted Individual Market Share of 100 USDT, the original user will enjoy a vesting speed-up. The coefficient of acceleration stands between x1.0 and x2.0 as follows:

No. of Invites Acceleration Coefficient
0 1
1~3 1.1
4~6 1.2
7~10 1.3
11~15 1.4
16~20 1.5
21~25 1.6
26~30 1.7
31~35 1.8
36~40 1.9
Over 40 2

Note: Users who have previously invited another user can receive the acceleration if that user also participated in the LockDrop 

3. Net Buying Acceleration

Users can accelerate the release of POL allocation by participating in net buying of POL on KuCoin. Based on the initial rate of 1, users enjoy acceleration in the following week according to the surplus of net buying as shown in the formula below:

Acceleration Coefficient = 2-0.9^[(Net Buying(USDT)/400 (USDT)]

In terms of USDT, the respective acceleration rates are demonstrated as follows:

Net Buying(USDT) Acceleration Rate Acceleration Coefficient
0 0.00% 1
100 2.60% 1.03
200 5.13% 1.05
300 7.60% 1.08
400 10.00% 1.1
500 12.34% 1.12
600 14.62% 1.15
700 16.84% 1.17
800 19.00% 1.19
900 21.11% 1.21
1,000 23.16% 1.23
2,000 40.95% 1.41
3,000 54.62% 1.55
4,000 65.13% 1.65
5,000 73.21% 1.73
6,000 79.41% 1.79
7,000 84.18% 1.84
8,000 87.84% 1.88
9,000 90.66% 1.91
10,000 92.82% 1.93
11,000 94.48% 1.94
12,000 95.76% 1.96
13,000 96.74% 1.97
14,000 97.50% 1.97
15,000 98.08% 1.98
20,000 99.48% 1.99
30,000 99.96% 2
40,000 100.00% 2
50,000 100.00% 2


Acceptance and Abandonment Rule

All users should actively participate in the Pool-X platform business within 90 natural days of the initial listing day (excluding the initial listing day) to complete the distribution of the reserved POL. If the user resists, refuses, or does not participate in the business for any reason, causing the remaining shares of the user’s reserved POL not to be released, it will be judged that the user voluntarily abandons their distribution of reserved POL. Pool-X will burn the abandoned shares of POL and will not be responsible for the consequences caused by the decision of the user.

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  • Hello, please i staked luna for over a long period now. i wanted to redeem but got this notification that i can trade it instead of waiting for 21 days. I really dont understand what happened when i was doing that because now it says the asset has been frozen. Please i need help on the way forward. Thanks 


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