How to Participate Promotions at Pool-X

Earn Promotions:


Users can select the In-progress products on the "Earn" "Promotions" page on the Pool-X website. During the subscribed period, you can obtain double rewards, including the staking rewards and the mining rewards(denominated in POL), which will be distributed to your Pool-X account daily the second day after you staking it.



1. There is an 8% POL mining fee for each product. 

2. There are Flexible and Fixed Promotions. For Flexible products, users can stake in-progress products and redeem all the staking products at any time with the specific redemption period. For Fixed Promotions, users can stake in-progress products at any time but the staking periods are fixed, you are unable to redeem it before the staking periods end, the system will return them back within 1 day after the staking periods end.

3. If the "Subscribe" button is unavailable, it means the activity has ended or the remaining quota is 0 for now. You may choose to participate in other promotions.


Let's take ORN as an example, we will guide you step by step on how to participate in Promotions at Pool-X as below.

Step1: Click "Earn" --"Promotions"--"More" on the Pool-X website, and select the ORN, then click "Subscribe".

Note: If you prefer Fixed Promotions, kindly click the "Fixed" button to switch the page.



Step2: Enter the "Amount of Staking", check all the details about ORN staking on the same page as well as read the《Cryptocurrency Mining Agreement》, then click I have read and agree with Cryptocurrency Mining Agreement, click "Subscribe" button to subscribe ORN Flexible product.


Step3: Check  the Lockup history

Users can check the lockup history directly by clicking "lockup history" once you stake successfully, or clicking the "Assetson the upper right corner of the Pool-X webpage, then click the "Lockup History" and select coin type you staked whenever you need.




  1. The annualized rate of return is estimated based on historical market revenue, which is a reference. The actual rewards will be calculated according to the actual amount received in your account.

       For example, the annual rate of 21.75% refers to the expected annualized return of ORN is 20%            (Annual yield of ORN)+1.75%(Annual yield after converting POL to ORN)

  1. There is a minimum staking amount and hard cap for each user and product, please ensure there are enough coins in your Pool-X account.
  2. During the period of staking, the flexible staked token can not only be traded in the liquidity trading market but also be unlocked directly, and there is a redemption process that lasts a few days for each flexible product.
  3. For Flexible staking, there would be no staking and POL rewards during the redemption periods.
  4. The staked coins will be returned after the redemption process ended, and the staking rewards and the mining rewards(denominated in POL) will be distributed to your Pool-X account daily. For ORN token, the redemption period is 7 days, you will get the staked ORN back 7 days later after click the redeem button. For more details, please refer to this article.


KYC users in restricted countries and regions cannot stake;

Users with IP addresses in restricted countries and regions cannot stake;

Users on our blacklist cannot stake.

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