Flexible Deposit:Flexible deposit and withdrawal,and there is the redemption process lasts a few days of each flexible product, the durations are different for coins. The following example is the process of redeeming the staked flexible product ATOM-Flexible:

Step1: Click the” Assets” on the  upper right corner of the Pool-X website, and click “Lockup History” to find the coin that you want to redeem, then click “Redeem”


Step 2: Enter the redemption "Amount" and "Trading Password", then click "Confirm".


Please kindly note that the redemption process of flexible products requires certain days and no staking profit will be generated during this period.

For example, it takes 21 days to redeem ATOM, which means users need to wait for 21 days to get the staked ATOM after they click "Redeem", and no staking profit will be generated in these 21 days.

Step 3: User could check the “redemption in process” on the “Assets”-- “Lockup History” page.


Fixed Deposits: The staking time period of each coin is fixed and can be redeemed only when a time period requirement meets. It is not redeemable during the subscription period and the days not reaching the staking time period requirements, however, you could trade the fixed product during the staking periods. After the staking time period of each fixed product ends, the staked fixed deposits will be returned back to the user’s Pool-X account automatically.

User could check the lockup progress of a fixed product by clicking “Assets”--” Lockup History” on the upper right corner of Pool-X website, the screenshot is as below:


For example: If user A staked some "TRX-4 Days," he could not redeem them during the subscription period and the staking time period which lasts 4 days, but he could trade the staked TRX during the staking period. The staked TRX could be redeemed only when the staking time period which lasts 4 days ended, and the TRX will be returned back to his Pool-X account automatically.

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  • Hello my friend
    I cant reedemption ada,trx,matic,
    Error validation failed,
    Pls help me

  • Same problem for me

  • And same for me

  • What is this problem abuot?!!!!
    (( validation failed))

  • I have the same problem I staked matic and after the time. Was up and I went to redeem it it said validation failed

  • Another with this issue

  • I have the same issue when I am trying to redeem assets (Hydra, Link). The trading password I am entering is correct but it shows "validation failed".

    How can this be solved!?

  • SOLUTION: I used the website and successfully redeemed. Error was on mobile app.

  • Still can't redeem even from the website..
    App keeps saying validation failed

  • Same problem with me. I get "validation failed" when trying to redeem staked ADA. Very annoyed. Its been going on for days.

  • Hello
    How many days does it take to redeem Polkadot?

  • Hello my friend
    I cant redeem matic,
    Error validation failed,
    Pls help me I need it is urgent

  • I was able to redeem my Hydra from a computer as well. Thanks Justin!

  • I cant Redeem my assets in pool-x .
    Plz help me.
    Error validation failed
    Although I tried several times, I did not succeed
    All instructions were given for the return of the asset, but to no avail

  • I want to redeem my kcs and it says validation failed even the period of stake is finshed
    Can you help plz

  • Hello guys..
    Especially for those finding hard to redeem their staked coin.
    Simply update your kucoin app..the latest version won't show you validation failed...
    It worked for me and I hope it would the same for you.

  • Hi
    14.5 matic
    In the pol.x exchange section
    I checked. After a month, I am still unable to withdraw this amount and I get a valiation error error message.
    please follow up.


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