According to the Pool-X Whitepaper, the total distribution of POL is 1 billion, which is composed of LockDrop (2%), Staking (78%) and the budget system (20%).


By participating in the POL LockDrop activity, all users are able to obtain a reserved share of POL by locking up TRC20-USDT on KuCoin. After the POL/USDT pair gets listed on KuCoin, 20% of the reserved POL will be made available for users. The remaining 80% of the reserved POL can be acquired by users participating in the business of the Pool-X platform. Also, users can accelerate the release process of reserved POL shares by inviting new users to stake on Pool-X or by participating in POL Net Buying. For more details, please refer to the announcement of POL LockDrop.

Participating in the business of the Pool-X platform, users will be able to acquire an extra share of POL (POL mining) except the node rewards distributed by the node network. Daily POL mining will be allocated to users based on the proportion of the adjusted market value of each user to the sum of the adjusted market value of all users (20% of this POL share will be released directly to users’ accounts. The remaining 80% will be unlocked monthly on a linear basis after 6 months, 20% per month, a total of 4 months).

The adjusted market value=locking amount of the token*average price of the token(per 24hours)*the adjustment coefficient. The adjustment coefficient indicates the parameters of the liquidity of different types of cryptocurrencies to adjust the share allocated to users in the staking mining. For certain cryptocurrency, the system will determine the cryptocurrency liquidity strength and form index parameters by monitoring the price and depth of Handicap orders on the designated exchange.


Daily mining is 0.5‰, with 180 days as a cycle. If the total amount of daily mining is constant in each cycle, the output will decrease by 20% as one cycle passing.


Please click the contents below to have a further check of your POL distribution rules:



  1. Participating in LockDrop only

  2. Participating in Staking only

  3. Participating in both LockDrop and Staking


Notes: Let’s take an example, POL amount received from LockDrop is S(1,000), someday a user’s POL mining amount is Y(100), referral acceleration coefficient is 1.2, net buying acceleration coefficient is 1.5(detailed coefficient please refer to Allocation and Distribution Rules for POL).


1. Participating in LockDrop only

Participating in LockDrop only(Take up 2% of the total distribution of POL of 1 billion)   20%S(20%*1000=200) POL from the LockDrop allocation has been distributed to users’ Pool-X account on Jan 8th(UTC+8). Deposit & transfer will be online later.
80%S(80%*1000=800) being issued will be frozen and unavailable at the moment. It needs to be accelerated unlocking by inviting referrals to participate and net buying. Notes: Net Buying refers to buy POL through trading. POL/USDT trade pair will be opened later.
1. Participating in Staking is a precondition(Non-participation shall not be able to unlock the remaining 80%). If users refuse to participate in Staking or fail to accelerate the unlocking within 90 natural days of the initial listing day (excluding the initial listing day), the remaining shares of reserved POL will not release, and it will be deemed as abandoned and burned.2. If users participating in Staking resist or refuse to accelerate unlocking by inviting referrals or net buying, it will be unlocked relatively slowly.


For example, if I participate in LockDrop only, without Staking or any acceleration(inviting referral or net buying), I will receive 200(20%*1,000)POL directly, and the remaining 800(80%*1,000)POL will be deemed as abandoned after 90 natural days and burned.


2. Participating in Staking only

Participating in Staking only(deduct 8% as mining fee)Taking an example that a user’s daily mining is 100POL, that’s 100*(1-8%)=92.  20%Y*(1-8%), that’s (20%*92=18.4)POL will be distributed and available in users’ accounts(Check in the Assets Detail).
80%Y(1-8%), that’s (80%*92=73.6)POL will be frozen for 6 months and unlocked monthly from the 7th month gradually, 20% per month, a total of 4 months.


For example, if I participate in the Staking only, mining 100POL at some day, I will receive 92POL after deducting the fee. 18.4POL (20%*92) will be distributed directly to my Pool-X account on the second day of locking. The remaining 73.6POL(80%*92) will be frozen for 6 months, and unlocked monthly from the 7th month. The remaining unlocking will be finished in the following 4 months, 18.4POL(20%*92) POL per month.


3. Participating in both LockDrop and Staking

Participating in both LockDrop and Staking at the same timeTaking an example that a user’s daily mining is 100POL, that’s 100*(1-8%)=92.   LockDrop:1) 20%S(20%*1000=200) POL will be released in the initial listing day and distributed to users’ Pool-X account.2)80%S(80%*1000=800) POL can be accelerated unlocking by inviting referral and net buying. 
Staking:1) The unlockable share of POL in Staking: 20%*Y*(1-8%), that’s 20%*92=18.4, this part will be distributed to Pool-X accounts and available for transferring.2) 80%Y(1-8%), that’s 80%*92=73.6, will be frozen for 6 months, and unlocked from the 7th month monthly, 20% per month. The unlocking process will be finished in 4 months.
LockDrop and Staking:According to the whitepaper, Poo-X platform will unlock the Lockddrop share based on 50%(i.e. 50%Y=50%*100=50) of the POL obtained by Staking mining on the platform that day. 

For example,

Inviting Referrals/Net Buying neither Inviting,no net buying No inviting, have net buying Have both
LockDrop 80%S 80%S 80%S 100
Staking 100 100 100 100
Inviting Referral / 1.2 / 1.2
Net Buying


/ / 2 2

Locked Proportion in Staking(released monthly

after 6 months)


80%*92=73.6 80%*92=73.6 80%*92=73.6 80%*92=73.6

Unlocked Proportion in LockDrop(calculated once a day,

and decreased orderly)

50%*100=50 50%*100*1.2=60 50%*100*2=100  50%*100*2*1.2=120

Acquired POL on the First day

20%*92+50%*100   20%*92+50%*100*1.2   20%*92+50%*100*2   20%*92+50%*100*2*1.2

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