How to Complete Institutional KYC Verification?

This tutorial will guide you through the steps to complete institutional KYC on KuCoin.  

Part 1: What should you do on website?

Part 2: What should you provide via email after submitting application on website?

Part 1

Step 1: 

Please login KuCoin account, click “KYC Verification” under the avatar 


Choose Switch to Institutional Verificationthen click "Start Verification" blobid1.png


Step 2:  

On the “Company Information” page, fill in the information required and click “Next blobid2.pngblobid3.png



  • The information entered on website shall match exactly with the company registeration certificate 
  • Corporation Code is the company registration number which usually can be found on the company registration certificate 
  • Make sure the documents uploaded are JPG, PNG and PDF format and the size shall be less than 4MB; If you met issues uploading documents, change format, clear broswer cookies or change broswer and try again 
  • The “Government Website for Corporation Registration Verification” is required 
  • Under “Upload a Photo with Handheld Company Registration Certificate *” section, please upload a selfie of you holding the company registration certificate and handwritten note paper 



Step 3: 

On the “Contact Information” page, fill in informaiton required and click “Submit blobid5.pngblobid6.png



  • The certificates are required to be an ID card, driver license, or passport 
  • Please upload both front and back photos of your identity certificate and make sure the expiration date is valid and visible  
  • Expiry date shall match exactly with the identity certificate  


Part 2

Step 1: 

After submission, you will receive an email titled Supplementary documents regarding to KuCoin institutional KYC application” from The email will guide you to provide supplementary documents to assist in processing your institutional KYC application 

You are required to provide 6 supplementary documents which are: 

  1. Corporate Board Resolution (CBR) 
  2. Power of Attorney (POA) 
  3. Performance Undertaking Agreement (PUA) 
  4. Declaration 
  5. Register of Shareholders 
  6. List of directors 


  • We provide template for documents 1-4 which are attached in the Supplementary documents regarding to KuCoin institutional KYC application email 
  • You may provide documents 5-6 at your company’s template 
  • Please sign by hand on documents 1-6 
  • If the company is equipped with a stamp/seal, the Declaration is not required; Otherwise, Declaration is required 
  • If the company is equipped with a board of directors, the CBR is required; Otherwise, POA is required 
  • Please provide valid ID/passport of all directors 
  • Clarify the name and shareholding ratio of shareholders on the Register of Shareholders. If the shareholding ratio is more than 25%, the scanned copy of his/her passport is required. If the significant shareholder (>25%) is still an institution, its registration certificate and share structure are required. Valid identity documents of the applicant’s ultimate beneficiary owners (>25%) are also required 
  • Kindly note that the documents you provide had better be in English version, so that we can better verify for you 


Step 2: 

After all required documetns are received, your application will be under review by our Verification team and further result will be emailed to you within 1-3 business days. Should you require any assistance, please feel free to email us and we will assist you further.   



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