Please follow the steps to buy crypto by a Bank Card on APP: 

Step 1: Open the KuCoin app and log into your KuCoin account 

  • If you do not have a KuCoin account, please click “Sign up” to proceed in the registration steps blobid0.png

Step 2: Tap “Buy Crypto” at the homepage, or tap “Trade” then go to “Fiat” blobid1.pngblobid2.png

Step 3: Go to “Fast Trade and tap “Buy”,select the type of fiat and crypto currency, then input the fiat amount you want to spend or the crypto quantity you want to receive blobid3.pngblobid4.jpg

Step4: Select “Bank Card” as the payment method, and you need to bind your card before purchase, please tap “Bind Card” to complete the blinding 

  • If you have already added a card here, you will directly go to Step 6 blobid5.png

Step5: Add your card information and billing address, then click “Buy Now” blobid6.jpgblobid9.pngblobid8.png


Step6: After binding your bank card, you may proceed in buying crypto blobid11.png

Step 7: After you complete the purchase, you will get a receipt. You may click “Check Details” to see the record of your purchase under “Main Account”. blobid12.png

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