1. How can I be qualified to buy Crypto with Bank Card? 

  • Complete Advance Verification on KuCoin 
  • Holding VISA or MasterCard which supports 3D Secure (3DS)  

2. How to check if my Bank Card is qualified? 

  • We support credit, debit and pre-paid cards issued by VISA and MasterCard  

3. What crypto can I buy using my Bank Card?   

  • We only support buying USDT by USD currently  
  • EUR, GBP and AUD are estimated to be available by end of October and mainstream crypto like BTC and ETH will follow soon, so stay tuned  

 4. Will I be charged transaction fee? 

  • When you’re buying crypto by Bank CardKuCoin will deduct transaction fees from the payment amount. Please refer to the order confirmation page for specific fees. 
  • The transaction fee is displayed on the order confirmation page, and your bank card will be debited only after you complete the confirmation.  
  • Be aware your card issuer may charge additional fees for your use of online payment, advance payment services, etc. These fees are not charged by KuCoin and are not under the control of KuCoin. 

 5. Is there a limit?  

  • The minimum payment amount for a single transaction is $5, and the maximum payment amount is $5000 

6. How will the price be? 

  • When you’re buying crypto by Bank Card, the order confirmation page will display the reference. Due to market volatility, the quantity you receive may deviate from the order one. 

 7. Reasons for transaction failure or rejection 

Reasons for the transaction failure may include: 

  • Network or API connection problems 
  • The browser or application is closed or refreshed before completing the purchase 
  • The order has not been paid for a long time 

Reasons for the transaction rejection may include: 

  • Your card issuer does not allow payments to cryptocurrency exchanges 
  • Your card issuer does not support 3DS 
  • You have entered incorrect 3DS verification code 
  • If your bank card is charged, but you do not receive the crypto immediately, your payment order will be automatically cancelled within two hours 
  • For other issues not listed, please contact Customer Service 

 8. What is 3D Secure (3DS) ? 

  • 3DS is a security verification that authorizes online payments by entering a password or a one-time PIN 
  • If you are not sure whether your bank card supports 3DS, please contact your card issuer to confirm 


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