Dear Valued KuCoin User,  

Congratulations! In view of your outstanding performance in KuCoin Margin in August 2021, we invite you to enjoy an exclusive privilege - open your blind box and claim your extra bonus.  

1. Exclusive Blind Boxes

KuCoin Margin has prepared exclusive blind boxes which contain airdrop bonuses, you may have chances to get a 2000 USDT lucky airdrop! 

Fill in the form and pick your lucky number >>  

Please fill in the form before 12:00 on September 9, 2021 (UTC) 

2. Extra Bonus: Interest-Free Coupons

Interest-free coupons with large denominations have been issued to your account, allowing you to borrow certain tokens at 0 interest.  

Go to My Bonus page to claim>>  

If you continue trading in Margin, you will unlock more surprise benefits in November 2021!   

Thanks for your support!  

The KuCoin Margin Team  


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