Use KCS to Pay Trading Fees and Enjoy 20% Off



A new feature - Pay Fees via KCS

Launched on KuCoin!

Wanna the lower trading fees?

Come to join without hesitation


Just click 👉 Buy KCS

Hold them in the Trading/Main Account

Enable the "KCS Pay Fees" feature on the trading page

 You will enjoy a 20% discount

Whether in Spot Trade or Margin Trade


How to enble our KCS Pay Fees the feature?

Website: The “KCS Pay Fees” feature is available in the “User Profile” and the trading panel




APP: you can enable this feature in the user center





The calculation of Pay Fees via KCS

If the operated trade pair is BTC/USDT. Originally, the trade fee is via the USDT price unit. When you open the function, the trade fee will be via the KCS unit. The detailed conversion formula is KCS/USDT= the currently highest buy price for KCS/BTC divided by the current highest buy price for BTC/USDT. The update period of the latest market price is 1s/time. If the trading fee is KCS itself, the corresponding discount will still be enjoyed if users open the KCS deduction trade fee function.


What if my KCS balance is insufficient?

When your KCS in the main/trading account is insufficient, no relative discount under this function is involved.

How to check my KCS paying record?

After you enable the feature, for the non-KCS market, each trade will generate three records, including your original trade fee deduction, original refunded Fees and KCS Pay Fees. For the KCS market, each trade will generate two records, including KCS trading fee and refunded fees. You can check the records on the page of "Assets" - "Account Details".


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