How to Buy Digital Assets on KuCoin P2P Fiat Trade (On App)?

Step1:Open KuCoin App to Log in;

  • Please fill in your account mail address or account phone number and password to log in.
  • If you do not have KuCoin account, please click Sign Up to process the registration steps.

Beginner’s  Guide:




Step2:After you are in the logging status, click the "Buy Crypto" or get the page of Trade-Fiat



Step3:Fill in the token amount or the fiat amount and click Buy Now



Step 4: Enter the Purchase page to choose your payment method, and click Mark Payment Done if you already pay the money for the order.



Step5:After you finish the payment and click Mark Payment Done, please kindly wait for Seller to confirm then release the token to you.  (The token will be in your main account. You need to transfer it from the Main account to Trading account if you need to trade token in Spot.)



 1:If you already finish the payment and still not receive the token from the seller, please kindly contact KuCoin online service team to get the prompt service.

2: The payment need to be done manually by the buyer, KuCoin system do not provide the fiat currency deducting service.

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