Cannot Receive Email Code/SMS message

Cannot Receive SMS Verification Code

Please ensure you have clicked the Send Code button. You need to click the "Send Code" button to trigger the SMS code sent to your phone.

The mobile phone can not receive SMS confirmation code, may also cause by the following reasons:
1. Mobile security software interception (for smartphone users who have installed security software)
Please turn on the mobile security software, turn off the interception function temporarily, and then try to obtain the confirmation code again.
2. The SMS gateway is congested or abnormal
When the SMS gateway is congested or abnormal, it will lead to the delay or loss of the sent SMS code. It is recommended to contact the mobile phone operator to verify or try to obtain SMS code after a period of time.
3. The frequency of sending SMS code verification is too fast
It means you send SMS code verification too frequently, it is recommended to try again after a period of time.
4. Other issues
Such as, whether your mobile phone is in arrears, whether the storage of the mobile phone is full, or whether the environment network is poor, etc. may cause you not receiving the SMS verification code.


Cannot Receive the Confirmation Email

If you cannot receive KuCoin confirmation emails, please give a reference to the following instructions to know more:
1. It is more likely the network delay cause the issue of miss receiving the code, please try refreshing your mailbox to check if the pertinent information is going to display. Please be advised that the code is valid for 10 minutes.
2. Please try to click the "send Code" button one more time and check if the relevant email is sent to the inbox or spam box.
3. Please ensure the registered email address is the one to receive the verification email.
4. Try to add our address to the whitelist of your mailbox, then click the "send Code" button again.

How to add whitelist to google mailbox?

The registration may prefer by using google email. If you are not using Gmail, here we would like to recommend you google search the tutorial and complete the process.

If you click the “Resend” button multiple times, please input the code from the most recent email. 

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