KuCoin is dedicated to providing our users with the most reliable projects and engaging our users in the long-term investment.

The Exchange shall remain rights to delist a project when the following conditions are met:

  1. The project applies to be delisted from KuCoin.
  2. The project with low liquidity for a certain period of time.
  3. The project’s technology has a security issue.
  4. The project ceases or is likely to cease its operation or business activities.
  5. The project stops or is likely to stop its operations.
  6. The team may be at risk of being disbanded.
  7. The project is insolvent or in a step, order or proceeding for liquidation,
    bankruptcy and insolvency, or similar is taken, made or commenced against, or in relation to the above or any material part of its assets.
  8. The project is suspected of malicious attempts or behaviours of any types.
  9. The project or its team members (including but not limited to founders)
    or consultants are under investigation for a suspected breach of or is convicted for an actual breach of any applicable laws, statutes and regulations.
  10. The project carries out market misconduct such as wash trading, market manipulation or insider trading.
  11. The project is regarded with high risk according to the audit, the legal and the technical teams of KuCoin.
  12. The project fails to inform KuCoin of its material changes on its development, team members, listed entities, and other information as required within the specified period. 
  13. Any other situations KuCoin may deem risky for its users or the platform.

The Exchange shall take the following steps to delist the project:

  1. Release an announcement to notify users of the project delisting, including the accurate time of when to stop the related services of trading, deposit and withdrawal for at least 5 days in advance.
  2. Stop the deposit and trading services of the project by the time stated in the announcement.
  3. Allow all users to withdraw until the service is stopped as scheduled.

*Please refer to “Special Treatment Area” for more information.

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